About Us

J&S Consultancy focus on promoting business and technology upgrading of Supply Chain and New energy industries, We have the industry's top enterprise's most influential executives, the most authoritative technical experts and high-quality customer base, to create a professional science and technology innovation for enterprises and service platform of industrial revolution. J&S Events is a business segment of J&S Consultancy, which focuses on the hosting and planning of global high-level summit Events.J&S Events team from the first in the domestic global summit and innovation exhibition planning professionals, with mature perfect marketing and service network, we are committed to build the Asia-pacific within the scope of the most influential in the supply chain and new energy industry series of activities, help enterprise resources docking in various fields, to provide customers with personalized service.We have provided professional and high quality service for 12000 + enterprise decision makers

Industry Summit

Focusing on policymakers, hot topics and cutting-edge technology, collect various industry leaders and technical higher-ups, to bring you the first-class service and participation experience.

Industry point of view

We continue to track and collect real-time industry strategy and technology information, and keep data and information exchange with expert advisory groups and authoritative consulting organizations.

Business Opportunity

We have more than 750,000 effective industry data resources, which can help enterprises to get through the channel end, market end and technology end, so as to ensure that enterprises can seize the first chance in the industry

Global Summit

J&S Consultancy focuses on hosting business summits for senior management. The industries involved include supply chain, logistics, procurement, energy storage, new energy and so on.


Deep Communication

Professional offline training

As the market environment changes rapidly, enterprises are faced with risks and challenges from all aspects at any time.Great companies need to be able to counter internal and external risks at all times in order to find clear direction and positioning.

Wonderful Online Salon

Our expert think tank based on the continuous observation and deep understanding of market changes and customer needs, can help enterprises to integrate the development needs of the company, develop strategic direction, and help your enterprise to quickly respond to market changes and risks.


Summit Highlights

J&S Consultancy offers unparalleled face-to-face learning and communication opportunities

Enthusiastic sharing

Business Card Exchange

1to1 Meetings